We have had many guests on the show. Take a look at the long list of local badasses that have graced the studio. All their interviews can be found in the On Demand Video Library!



Will of Big Will's Bounce Houses

Shannon Sheningans

Scott Shoemaker

Rize Above

Deity of Destruction

Kim Lusk-Gawdsmack

Lewis Leveridge-Lewis Leveridge Photography

Jeff Mount-Sessionworks Studios


Rachel Flowers Moseley

Flo Hernandez-Comedian

Meowstress Kitten Rose

Deadly Sins Burlesque Troop

P.R.I. Peaceful Revolution Impossible

Born and Raised

Eric Cherry-Funimation


Koppur Thief

Andi Cuba-TriCounty Terror

The Clubhouse Dancers

The Bulldog-The Bulldog Show

Greg Spicoli Reneau-KNON

Kelly Hnot-Dead Hawke/TriCounty Terror

Mongo-Hillbilly Orchestra

Leighna Major-Iridium Music

Aaron Scott-Vivid & Vulgar

Our Guests