Meet Jesse Scott. He is the newest addition to Wrecking Ball Talk. Jesse is the lead singer and guitar player of P.R.I. Peaceful Revolution Impossible. He is into history, motorcycles and is a single Dad to a wonderful daughter.  You can watch Jesse weekly on the show and you can watch him performing in venues all around the Dallas/Ft Worth area!

Meet Lew Morris. Lew is also a new member to Wrecking Ball Talk.  Lew is the lead singer and guitarist for Coilback. He is the owner of  Rescued Hollywood and a movie memorabilia collector. He also takes care of us in the studio by setting up our cameras and microphones. You can also find Lew and his band performing live at any given time in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, too!

Meet Diana aka Dirty D. She is the hostess with the mostest! Diana grew up in Grand Prairie and has lived most of her life in the Metroplex with the exception of the five years she spent living in Seattle. Diana is the quintessential FAN and her interviewing style reflects this as she is always trying to put a new twist on her Q&A sessions! She also believes that everyone is their own star and she enjoys bringing stars into the studio and letting them shine!